Hello Kitty Beauty by Sephora

A voi piace Hello Kitty, ragazze? Credo quasi inutile dirvi che io ne vado assoluta pazza. Se questa collezione dovesse mai arrivare da Sephora, potrei quasi (quasi!) vincere la mia storica avversione per Sephora e le sue malefiche commesse.

She's iconic. She's adored. She's known around the world. Now, Hello Kitty is bringing her playful spirit to a new beauty line presented exclusively at Sephora. This sophisticated collection mixes the essence of Hello Kitty with a touch of style and fun. With charming designs and luxurious formulas infused with ingredients she loves, Hello Kitty Beauty is the ultimate must-have.
Hello Kitty. Hello Pretty.

La cosa positiva -tra le tante, in realtà- è che non sono solo i solito due/tre prodotti francamente poco utilizzabili che vengono sfornati in queste occasioni. No, questa mi pare una collezione completa e complessa.

Say Hello Palette – Happy Fun – $35.00

– Eyeshadow: Ice Cream (pearl white), Airplane (taupe), Chocolate Milk (brown), Peppermint (sage green)
Lip Gloss: Baby Pink (pink), Peach Pudding (peach), Strawberry Jam (dark pink), Springtime (apricot)

Say Hello Palette – Super Fun – $35.00
Eyeshadow: Raindrop (gray), Sugar Plum (pale lilac), Sweet Plum (purple), Goodnight Dreams (black)
Lip Gloss: Sweet Plum (purple), Pink Confetti (pink), Strawberry Cookies (brownish pink),

Snowflake (white)

Glittercute Eyeliner – $14.00
Eyeliners: Coin Purse, Grape Soda, Happy Sails, Hello Sunshine, Night Sky, Sandbox, Teapot, Telephone
Charmmy Kohl Eyeliner Kit – $25.00
Eyeliners: Goodnight Dreams (black), Grape Juice (purple), Chocolate Milk (brown), Happy Cloud (white), Blueberry (navy), Bicycle (teal green), Blue Sky (bright light blue)
Big Smile Gloss – $16.00
Glosses: Cheery, Grape Candy, Lollipop, Peach Pie, Purple Bow, Smoothie, Strawberry Gum, Sun Kissed, Watermelon
Sweet Gloss – $16.00
Glosses: Charmy, Goldfish, Grape Frosting, Peachy, Pink Bow, Pink Grapefruit, Pinkie, Sweet Berry
Charmmy Eyeshadow Stick – $16.00
Eyshadows: Birthday Cake, Cookies, Cotton Candy, Cream Puff, Cupcake, Fish Bowl, Friendship, Kimono, Lavender, Overalls, Playground, Snowflake, Sour Apple, Teacup
Apple Balm – $9.00
Hello Kitty Brush Set – $49.00
Brushes: Face Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Shader/Blending Brush, Angled Eyeliner, Brush, Lip Brush
Liquid Nail Art – $10.00
Lacquers: Banana Cream, Blueberry, Bubble Gum, Frosted Cupcake, Ice Cube, Minty, Pink Sprinkles, Purple Sprinkles
Shower Cap – $16.00
Bling Mirror – $49.00
Compact Mirror – $18.00

Hand Held Mirror – $35.00

Blotting Papers – $12.00

Nail Art Stickers – $5.00
- Classic Icons, Lace, Modern Icons e Rhinestone Flowers.

Hello Kitty Fragrance 1.7 oz. – $55.00
 Cassis Sorbet, Italian Mandarin, Apple, Magnolia Blossom, Freesia, Orange Flower, Tonka Bean, Vanilla e Musk.

Hello Kitty Fragrance Rollerball .33 oz. – $18.00
Cassis Sorbet, Italian Mandarin, Apple, Magnolia Blossom, Freesia, Orange Flower, Tonka Bean, Vanilla e Musk.
Hello Kitty Body Splash 8.45 oz.- $35.00

Pen Pal Eyeliner – $16.00
Eyeliners: Chocolate Milk, Goodnight Dreams, Picnic Basket, Purple Balloon
Apple Cheeks – $22.00
Blushes: Blushing, Charmmy, Cherry Blossom, Cottonball, Peachy

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